KLIK, the exciting new app from Face.com, can automatically recognize faces through the smart phone’s camera. Just open the app, take a photo, and KLIK will search through previous pics to correctly tag the face(s). If linked to a Facebook account KLIK becomes even more powerful, correctly identifying friends based on their shared photos. KLIK is so fast that, with a good internet connection, it can accurately identify someone before a picture is taken. Not only that, but it’s absolutely free! […]

There’s no doubt that this technology is a game-changer. Automatic tagging in mobile phones through augmented reality interfaces – as awesome and futuristic as that sounds, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Security applications for facial recognition have been widely discussed before, but again, this technology now seems like it could be universal in just months or years. The integration of facial ID with the social network is both amazing, and as my friend said “really, really creepy.” Is there a picture of you on the internet? Better assume it’s been automatically tagged with your name. Did someone point a smart phone at you in public? Same conclusion. While KLIK is limited to those photos shared by you and your friends on Facebook (or taken on your private camera roll) future versions of this tech are almost certainly going to be more widely applied. That means that in the next few years (maybe much sooner), any camera that sees you will know who you are. You are your face, and your face is public. If not today, then very, very soon.
Welcome to the future. We got rid of the old sense of anonymity with a single click.


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