Lithuanian Ministry of Energy launched a complaint to the European Commission regarding abuse of dominant position by the Russian gas supplier Gazprom

“On 25 January 2011 the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania launched a complaint to the European Commission requesting to investigate the abuse of dominant position by the Russian gas supplier Gazprom.

The Ministry of Energy requests the European Commission to impose on Gazprom a requirement to supply natural gas on the basis of transparent, reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions.

The goal of the Ministry of Energy is to ensure that terms and conditions for supply of natural gas to Lithuania were determined solely by economic considerations. It is also expected that greater attention of the European Commission to this situation would prevent Gazprom from increasing the economic pressure and Lithuania would be in the position to complete the strategic liberation of the gas sector.

“In our opinion, the economic and political pressure exercised by the monopolistic gas supplier is aimed at prevention of restructuring of Lithuanian gas sector in a way that would encourage entrance into the market of other natural gas suppliers and emergence of a full-fledged competition among alternative sources of supply in the long run. Thus, Gazprom endeavours to eliminate the real potential for competition and disturb creation of a single European gas market.

As a member of the EU, Lithuania is obliged to implement the EU directives. Therefore, the situation where a full-fledge EU Member State is subject to pressure by the monopoly of a third country just because of determination to implement fundamental principles of the EU – promotion of a single market, competition and interests of the consumers – has no equal precedent”, – says the Minister of Energy Arvydas Sekmokas.”