Live: Mubarak in BBC

2219: Here’s Hosni Mubarak. He’s been monitoring the demonstrations and protesters’ demands, he says, and regrets the innocent casualties on both sides.
2222: The recent protests wouldn’t have been possible without the introduction in Egypt of civil and media liberties, says Mr Mubarak. While he takes the side of citizens’ freedom to express their views, he also wants to defend Egypt’s stability. “There is a fine line between freedom and chaos,” he says.
2225: Hosni Mubarak: “We will continue our political, economic and social reforms for a free and democratic Egyptian society.” This doesn’t sound like a resignation speech.
2228: Hosni Mubarak: “I have requested the government to step down today, and I will designate a new government tomorrow.”
2231: Botttom line from the presidential address: Mr Mubarak’s not going anywhere, hoping his sacking the government will placate the people. He’s trying to distance hims from the crack-down across the country. But within minutes of his appearance on television, protesters were taking to the streets of Cairo chanting “down with Mubarak!”
2233: Other nuggets from Mr Mubarak’s speech: Egypt will take new steps towards democracy and providing more freedoms, and measures to address poverty. It “will rise above the arson and looting that may indicate further plots to shake the foundation and stability” of the country.