Vadi új országimázs: Magyarország becsületének kiárusítása folyik az ebay-en. A licit 65.100$-nál tart

€ 3 000 000 000

Detailed Description
Recently Azerbaijan Republic has promised to buy Hungarian government bonds on a scale of € 2 to 3 billion. Few days later Hungarian officials extradited Ramil Safarov, an Azeri military officer who killed an Armenian lieutenant during NATO course in Budapest in 2004, to Azerbaijan. Hungarian court sentenced Ramil Safarov to life imprisonment back in 2006, without a right to be pardoned during the first 30 years in jail. Immediately after returning to Azerbaijan, he was released by the pardon decree of the Azerbaijani President. So if you have a few billion Euros you can do anything in this EU-member country.