“Organ”-ic development

Dear National Media and Broadcasting Authority,(18)

herewith I would like to call your attention to a distortion of reality by several written and graphic sources.

The distortion is consistent and its connotations allow for the suspicion of an organized deliberation. Roots of this activity can be digitally tracked back as far in the past as 1988 (!) when the distortion seems to have first appeared in a (that time not so public) document, listing “Viktor Organ” among the founding members of FIDESZ. This largely inappropriate distortion appeared several times since then, in material from various renown media sources (see timeline and references below). Really worrying is the increasing frequency during the past months.

Hoping that the organisation of our elite can soon be stopped, I remain

Yours truly.

1988-11-17 Radio Free Europe – Research: (page 9)

2010-05-27 Reuters:

2010-10-22 Voice of Russia:

2010-10-25 Képviselő Funky: (graphic content!)

2010-11-30 ITAR-TASS:
(google archive) — ( also documented here: http://amexrap.org/fal/az-itar-tassz-ujabb-elirasa-orban-helyett-organ-a-nemi-szerv [in Hungarian] )

2010-12-23 Deutsche Welle:

Viktor "Organ"

Latest manifestation of the international "organ"-isation.