András Bíró Nagy – Tamás Boros – Áron Varga: Right-wing Extremism in Hungary


Main actor of right-wing extremism in Hungary is the Jobbik party, which won about
15 per cent of the votes in the European elections of 2009 as well as in the general
elections of 2010. Being the third party in Hungarian Parliament, it broadly succeeded in its agenda setting. Ruling Fidesz party of Prime Minister Orban took over
several bullet points of the Jobbik extremist party programme and adopted them as
part of the government’s policy.

Jobbik’s discourse is a mixture of anti-communism, anti-gypsyism, nationalism and
hostility towards elites, particularly »all-corrupt« politicians. Obviously, there is a response to these – often very simplified – prejudices in the Hungarian population:
More than one third of the voters can be considered as anti-democracy, anti-EU and
against market economy.

Since the end of communism, the Hungarian society has undergone deep changes.
Today, only less than on third of the population considers itself as more or less progressively orientated. The main left party MSZP has crashed in the last elections and
today represents nor more than 20 per cent of the votes

(Via Istvan Janos Toth)