I was appalled by the shocking news of your participation in a memorial for writer Jozsef Nyiro, who was a member of the Nazi-sympathizing fascist Arrow Cross party in Hungarian parliament during World War II. You chose to participate in this event and openly declare your solidarity with a person whose party, within the Government of Hungary, cooperated with the German Nazi murderers in realizing their program to annihilate the Jewish People. Anyone who participates in such an event cannot possibly then take part in an event to honor a man like Raoul Wallenberg, a beacon of humanity, who saved Jews, who is a symbol of the struggle against Nazi Germany and its collaborators, one of whom you chose to identify with and pay homage to.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin to his counterpart László Kövér, the President of the Hungarian Parliament, retracting his invitation to the Knesset