Salim and I were walking back to our hotel. As we were walking a group of drunken men approached us and started intimidating us so we avoided them and made our way to our residence. We were about 1.5 kilometres from the hotel when a small car drove up to us and the occupants began shouting in Hungarian. We did not understand what they were saying and asked if they could speak in English, but they opened the door and came at us. As I slowed down near the hotel they knocked me down to the floor with the car and then jumped out and attacked me. I told them to take my money and tried to indicate that I could not breathe and I was asthmatic, but they kept hitting me until I stopped breathing. The men then picked me up and asked me in English for identification. I was surprised when they told me they were immigration police. I told them I lived in that hotel and that I was here legally. I asked them why didn’t they speak in English to me as I was a foreigner there. The men left and I lost consciousness. Salim immediately contacted our host, the Hungarian chess grand master Peter Leko, for help. We couldn’t call the police because it was police who attacked us, but Peter came and called an ambulance that took me to hospital. […]

Saud Mohammed Al Marzooqi, chess official, United Arab Emirates