What is this #SOPA thing all about?

[…] Good law is a fair arbitration between two parties who each want something. Sometimes that arbitration is simple as in the case of a violent person who wants to assault whoever he pleases and a society that wants to be free of violence. And sometimes that arbitration is difficult as in the case of copyright law. But it should always be fair. Even the violent person is allowed to hit inanimate objects, scream at people, and so on. He’s just not allowed to inflict actual, physical pain.

So the question is whether SOPA is fair to both interested parties.

It isn’t. SOPA is weighted entirely towards the content providers. So you get situations where an individual content provider can shut down a whole website based on a single claim (which may or may not be valid since the shutdown occurs before a fair hearing of the facts). That alone is reason to oppose SOPA.

Once the battle against SOPA is won society can turn back to the issues of copyright law in general. But for now we shouldn’t confuse the two issues.