Termékbiztonsági gondjai akadnak Szélesnek: robban az “energiacella” + néha ismeretlen okból leolvad

Hát hogy ez nem mostanában hozza meg Orbánnak a 2/3-ot az tuti:

Subject: Danger of EXPLOSION: possible cathalitic effects even at low temperatures.
[…] When I added H2 (2.5bar), during cooling down, at a temperature of about -50°C,
I E X P E R I E N C E D E X P L O S I O N.
The bottle, nominally tested at 16 Bar at 50°C, was completly destroyed.No iniury to us, thanks to the open plastic tube used as dewar. Just big noise.

Francesco,Thank you for the warning — most interesting.
I can also add a warning — we have had a runaway event with Cuprothal 49 – a constantan alloy from Kanthal (9 meters of 0.7, wire prepared in our own experiments) at a very modest temperature: < 180C. Fortunately the event was contained in a titanium tube reactor although IT MELTED THE TUBE which at least gave as the ability to estimate the temperature and power output at 800-1000C for 30-60min resulting in an estimated power output of around .5-1kwh. This incident occurred during cool down AFTER THE COMPLETION OF SEVERAL WEEKS TESTING AND WITH ALL ELECTRICAL INPUTS DISCONNECTED... SO IT APPEARS THAT A RUNAWAY EVENT IS POSSIBLE WITH ZERO INPUT UNDER CONDITIONS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO PREDICT/REPRODUCE.


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