The Netherlands to EU: Hands off our pensions

“After the effective nationalisation of the private pension schemes in Hungary and Poland last week, only a handful of countries have large pension reserves. Think of the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. […] The European commission should first ask itself the question: whose money is in the pension funds? These are national funds, paid for by employers and employees. It is not government money. It is not European money. This in itself is more than sufficient reason for the commission not to extend its power to national pension systems. Only for cross-border workers (a tracking service) can an exception be made. […]

The temptations in Europe are very large. The Dutch pension sector alone controls more than €750bn ($991bn), about as much as is available in the Eurocrisis fund, if the maximum can ever be used. But this money cannot and will not be brought under European control. The Dutch parliament unanimously approved my recommendation to that effect.

I count on support from fellow nations and MPs to rely far less on European pensions and money. “