Give your ancestors a proper farewell, practice death cleaning

If you’ve ever lost a family member, you know how difficult it may be to figure out who gets what. Even if they do, clearing out a loved one’s house is difficult, which is when Döstädning, or Death Cleaning, comes in.By contemplating how much your things truly mean to you, death cleaning might serve as an encouragement to live with fewer. However, it is also a procedure that relieves your significant other, family, and friends of the burden of deciding what to do with all of your possessions while they are grieving. While death cleaning is usually done at the end of someone’s life, it may start at any age or stage.

What is cleaning before death?

Margareta Magnusson, a Swedish novelist, and artist has developed a new way of reducing and arranging called Döstädning, which translates to “cleaningbefore death.” The method is intended to make it simple for those over 50 to declutter their houses and arrange their stuff in the hopes that their offspring would not be burdened by their goods when they die away. It’s not about getting rid of everything; it’s about simplifying your life so you’re just keeping what makes you happy.

death cleaning

Cleaning after death is not a vulgar or bad practice, sometimes downsizing from a cluster of things you possess after reaching a certain age, reduces the burden on future generations and also gives us some peace of mind at the end time.

Advantages of cleaning before death

There are many advantages of this method. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Getting rid of rubbish means you’ll have fewer items cluttering up your home. It’s easier to maintain your home because there’s less to clean. One of the most significant advantages of cleansing early in life is this. Simply by living with less, you may have a higher quality of life.
  • We’re frequently surrounded by more things than we require. You’ll have a greater appreciation for your possessions if you take the time to declutter and just keep what’s important. You may feel more pleased as a result of this. You’re aware that you have all you require and have no desire for more.
  • The main idea of Swedish death cleaning is to save your loved ones from having to clean up after you. Begin with goods you have stashed in storage locations such as the basement. This is your chance to get rid of anything that might be harmful or embarrassing if discovered by your family.


All in all, the importance of practicing the aforesaid method not only reduces clutter but also manages things the way you want before your final day. So, if you are reaching that age then it is recommended for you to clean your clutter.

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