How 3D Printing Helps Mass Customization

3D is the current norm and we can see that on our sunglasses coffee marks to our mobile covers. We all like personalized staff and 3D printing helps you. That is why brands are adapting to this printing method as it provides personalized products. 3d printing technology can help immensely in customising products according to the customer’s requirement.

The requirements of customers have been increasing for customised services and this is where Mass Communication has come to surge. The demand for digital technology has made 3D printing surface, some call 3D printing additive manufacturing also. it is considered to be much bigger than the internet. On the contrary some believe that this hype that surrounds 3D printing is just about time and it should die soon.

It cannot be argued however that 3D printing is an exciting technology and it caters to customers who want customised services. listed below are some new ways in which 3D printing is helping different industries in today’s times. let us have a look.

3d Printing and consumer goods

Among the consumer goods industries, the footwear industry uses 3D printing. It uses this printing method for scanning customers’ feet measurements which is then forwarded to the production manager for them to customise footwear. Other industries, like the jewellery industry also use this technology for replicating the designs. It makes the work easier for them and the results are exceptionally good.

3d printing technology

3d Printing and healthcare

The Healthcare industry uses 3D printing for customising and providing tailor made products to customers such as implants, prosthetics and other things. This is however not a part of mass customisation. These things are made personally for some users. The other tools are hearing aids that are custom made by 3D printing. without 3D printing in the picture it would be really difficult to get customised tools like these.

The Automotive Industry

3D printing Technology also helps the automotive industry. The Automobile parts for luxury cars are produced with the help of 3D printing. There is limited need for production of small parts in the luxury department of automobiles and 3D printing can very well be utilised in the assembly of these cars.

3D printing has an edge over other conventional manufacturing methods. It is less time consuming, cost-effective and also flexible. All kinds of businesses and industries consider 3D printing to be the best option.

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