96interior has a lot of expertise and a diversified portfolio of work in HDB resale, BTO, and condo projects. They can provide a variety of refurbishment package alternatives. It is possible to customize the hdb resale flat renovation package following your specifications and requirements. Examine a few of the highlighted projects to get a sense of how they may assist you in turning your HDB resale flat into the house of your dreams. A reputable Singapore remodeling business will accompany you throughout the full refurbishment process. Also, make the whole trip as smooth and delightful as possible. Getting the remodeling project off the ground is going to be a messy endeavor. A reputable remodeling business, on the other hand, can execute the project successfully.

Pick up the perfect package for your home

Given Singapore’s rising property prices, even an HDB resale unit may end up being the most costly investment you make in your whole lifetime. Taking the essential measures to plan your remodeling project might pay you to attain your design goals in the long run.

96interior, which has worked on a variety of reconstruction projects for HDB resale flats and other residential properties, believes that creating a list of interior design objectives will assist you in visualizing the project’s end-to-end cycle.

Are you considering a home improvement project? When you have a nicer house, you will enjoy your time there more, and a renovated home has the highest market value compared to a property that has not been updated. What’s the greatest part? It also helps to strengthen the bonds between family members. Plan for the most cost-effective bundle available on the internet to receive a clear image of your budget and covered expenses.

No matter whether you are an HDB owner wishing to renovate your resale flat or another flat, an interior design business such as 96Interior will be able to put your design ideas into action in the most cost-effective manner possible. The HDB provides homeowners with the option of renovating their kitchens, living rooms, or individual bedrooms rather than undertaking a full-house makeover.


When it comes to resale renovation packages, most customers find that budgeting is a critical component. The staff is prepared to sit down with you and develop a plan that best suits your needs and financial capacities.With proper planning and design, you can create a room that is visually appealing and useful, well-equipped, and well-organized.

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