Bedroom Door

The laminate doorsdecorations can be very simple, such as a small ashlar, or rather elaborate, such as floral decorations, geometric designs or writings. The panels, once worked, are finished with lacquers that do not spoil the three-dimensional effect of the engraving. We are talking about doors of great decorative value with rather low costs, all to be discovered. The type of wood (veneered, solid), the type of opening (hinged, sliding, folding) and the finish (closed pore, open pore, walnut effect) contribute to determining the price bedroom door.

The lamunated doors represent a solution that is increasingly successful, because it manages to give much more personality than the classic smooth doors. One of the advantages is that the variety of colors to choose from is really very wide and well suited to follow interior design trends. In fact, you can range from the classic white lacquered door to neutral colored doors up to all the colors of the RAL scale.

The interior doors are a key part in the home, as a functional part (divide rooms ensure privacy), and as a real piece of furniture. We want to guide you in choosing the interior door for your home, focusing on the aspects which are worth paying attention to in order to evaluate the model suitable for your environment.

Bedroom Door

The first two things you look at when you first enter a house are (in order): the floor and the doors. These two elements of the house, therefore, must be in perfect harmony with each other. The first advice is to avoid choosing a wood-effect door on a wood-effect floor, better a monochromatic floor in earth and a wood-effect door, or vice versa, a lacquered door with a wood-effect floor. In short, a contrast between these elements is preferable to give harmony to the environment. Another tip is to pay attention to the choice of colors of the doors, the particularly strong ones, with too bright tones, in the long run risk to tire. It is also better to avoid sliding doors for the bathroom: the bathroom door must ensure privacy and intimacy, and often the sliding doors, even if well designed, fail to guarantee all this.

Now we reveal how to choose the interior doors.

How is an interior door composed?

First of all it is advisable to know the  structure  of an  interior door .  A door is never just what you see. Each of them is made up of other parts:

the door , the visible moving part that is immediately associated with a door;

the architraves (also called “frame”), useful for hiding the joint between the frame;

the frame , in fact, the profiles on which the door rests;

the counterframe , that is, the structure that covers the doorway;

the hinges , which impose the opening and closing direction of the door;

the gaskets , essential for guaranteeing good thermal and acoustic insulation.